Signalling device iWottolight

iWotto light is a luminous beacon for the presetting of emergencies, signal V-16, with more than 2 hours of autonomy in emergency mode. Easy power on/ off by an intuitive button, with three alkaline AAA batteries. iWotto light is visible up to 1 Km away, in low light conditions, has resistance to water, dust and wind so it is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Small, compact, lightweight and simple to use and intuitive, iwotto light will signal the location of your vehicle in less than 8 seconds.

Specific characteristics

– Switch on/off via button
– Visibility 1 km and 360º
– Use under rain and wind, IP54
– Instant protection
– Non-slip fixing magnets
– Protection against blows
– Autonomous and without cables, 2.5 hours autonomy