iWotto light, the substitute for the emergency triangle.

Signal V-16 approved

Immediate signalling of the vehicle in the event of any damage or accident


Recommended by the DGT and approved by LCOE 2020070608G1

Why replace the emergency triangle with iWottolight?




They put the safety of the vehicle occupants first.


Speed, simplicity, and high performance in emergency situations.


They cannot be used on both four- and two-wheel vehicles.

Easy to use

They cannot be used by people with reduced mobility.

Takes up little space

Compact, automatic and self-contained


Agile operation in stress situations


Protect yourself in seconds and make yourself visible to other drivers

iWottolight Features

Button on

Simple on/off method using the same button


Parabolic reflector and LED technology ensure that your vehicle is visible 360º and more than 1 km away in low-light conditions.

Lightweight and Compact

Easy to store. Small and manoeuvrable. Keep it anywhere in the vehicle or take it wherever you want.


IP54. No matter what time it takes! Compatible with all weather conditions: rain, snow, wind or fog.

You do not have to get out of the car or separate from it to signal your position, eliminating the risk of being run over by third parties.

You do not have to get out of the car or separate from it to signal your position, eliminating the risk of being run over by third parties.


The emergency light has a magnet at the bottom that keeps the product fixed in its initial position in case of strong winds.


Resistant to falls thanks to the design that protects the emergency light.


2.5 hours autonomy in emergency mode with three AAA alkaline batteries.

Instructions for use

In three simple steps iWottoligh will avoid many accidents


Grab your iWottolight from the glove box


Turn it on by pressing the button.


Place it on the roof on the side of the magnet.

Dispositivo Señalización iWottolight

iWotto light es una baliza luminosa de preseñalización de emergencias, señal V-16, con más de 2 horas de autonomía en modo emergencia. Fácil encendido / apagado mediante un intuitivo botón, con con tres pilas AAA alcalina. iWotto light es visible hasta a 1 Km de distancia, en condiciones de baja luminosidad, tiene resistencia al agua, polvo y viento por lo que es resistente a todo tipo de condiciones meteorológicas. Pequeño, compacto, ligero y con un uso sencillo e intuitivo, iwotto light señalizará la situación de su vehículo en menos de 8 segundos.

Características especificas

– Encender/apaga mediante uso botón
– Visibilidad 1 km y 360º
– Uso bajo lluvia y viento, IP54
– Protección al instante
– Imanes de fijación antideslizamiento
– Protección ante golpes
– Autónomo y sin cables, 2,5 horas autonomía


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